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Treatment for migraines can either be to prevent migraines from happening, called prophylactic or preventative treatments or it can be to help reduce symptoms during a migraine, called acute treatment.  The two types of treatment are for different situations. In both sections, you will find information about medications as well as complementary therapies to help with migraines. Always talk to your doctor about what therapy is best for your child or teen, information provided is not meant to replace medical advice, only to help families learn more about the options available to them.


Some of the options of treatment are considered complementary therapies. These are treatments that are not medications but other services, supplements and devices that can help with migraines. We recommend that when thinking about using complementary therapies to treat and/or prevent migraines that you follow guidelines to help evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment and to make sure that the care and help you are receiving is safe and working for you.

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