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Complementary therapy guidelines



  • Always consult a properly trained, qualified professional, who has adequate insurance and is working from clean, hygienic premises.


  • Do not assume that if a friend recommends a practitioner, this eliminates the need to do your own checks. Be critical of anyone who claims to be able to “cure” you.


  • Do not pay large sums in advance for a course of treatments - most practitioners’ work on a payment per session basis. The first consultation will usually be the most expensive with follow up sessions costing (prices may vary from different locations and services and according to the treatment being provided).


  • In your first session, you are encouraged to ask questions such as how long will it take to feel the benefits of this treatment, what you should do after the sessions, and how long you will feel relief.


  • If you have not experienced any significant benefit after 6 sessions/treatments, you are unlikely to do so. Do not continue spending money in hope that this treatment will be effective. Honest practitioners will not encourage you to do this. Review the position and consider other options.


  • Keep both your doctors, pharmacists and your complementary practitioners informed of ALL other treatments, drugs, remedies, and therapies you are taking for ANY condition. Incompatibilities can be dangerous.

These guidelines are adapted from Migraine Action’s Guidelines for complementary medicine.

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