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Acute treatments

Acute treatments are treatments that are taken once a migraine is already happening. For children the best therapy once a migraine is already happening is sleep. 1 Children should reduce activities and go to a quiet dark room. Also in general, the earlier in an attack the pain is treated, the less severe the pain becomes. Sometimes, and for some children, sleep will not be enough and they will need other therapies to help with their migraines. Other therapies and strategies are listed below. Please click on any link to read more about options available to your child or teen.


Some of the medications listed here are medications that can be found at a pharmacy but others are medications that a doctor must prescribe. In this section there will be a note as to whether the medication is available over-the-counter at a pharmacy or whether a prescription from a doctor is necessary to obtain the medication.

1.         Teleanu, R. I., Vladacenco, O., Teleanu, D. M. & Epure, D. A. Treatment of Pediatric Migraine: a Review. Mædica 11, 136–143 (2




Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation

Cold therapy

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